Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ramayana: Version n+1: Chapter 0

"I'm breaking up with you."
"Why??...What happened all of a sudden?.."
"'s just that...I no longer trust the chastity(!)-kinda-sense"
"What's the matter with you??"
"I don't know. Some guy wrote such stuff about you on everyone keeps re-tweeting it."
"We can't be together anymore, after all that has happened!"
"So basically you want me to go away, just because some random guy posted some random shit about me on  a social networking site??!"
"And they keep re-tweeting it!!..The word is spreading!!"
"I hope you'll understand me. I am pushed into taking this extremely painful decision because by nature I am an indisputably righteous man,..and I must stick to my righteous path whatsoever!..and..."


And yes,..though I know from experience that not many are gonna read this stuff, here goes...

Before getting mad at me, I would like you consider the fact that I'm religiously-challenged!

There it is!!
Now, I do not mean to impose opinions here. I do know the religious importance of the epic Ramayana. And yes, I am also completely aware of the role and importance of religion in the well-being of humankind(Courtesy: Ind-Pak partition). I know that the character Rama is being loved and worshiped by a good amount of the Indian population and is widely perceived to be the embodiment of righteousness. I know that I am not fully aware of the n number of versions of the Ramayana. I know that I have heard and known the epic more like any other Indian--through household tales, comics, and maybe later via some accounts here and there on articles, school textbooks and movies(no...seriously!..except Mani Ratnam's  Raavan--which just swapped the shoes too easily!). And I intend to speak on that version, the one that is not written down, the one that has multiple faces and yet so similar in the social impact it entails, the one that is a part of religious faith and popular belief, the one that comes to our mind whenever we see that family photograph of Rama & Bros.

I intend to speak not of the literature. I speak not of the n written down versions, but the n+1th one that  has managed to dictate via religion and faith, the morality of our social and familial lives. The one that put free children into absurd walls of discipline. The one that is an age-old example of the philistine-us creating heroes out of well-meaning clowns!
(let's talk more.....)


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