Tuesday, September 14, 2010

An Empty Raincoat

Rain, huh, tells you a lot!
A lot from the past, a little of the present and nothing of the future.
It makes you feel as though a future doesn't exist at all.

"Why should there be some existing future? ", it asks me every time it pours down, "Why should it ever exist, if it's not going to be as blissful as now, as cheerful and full of life as the rain is!"

 I've always given myself to the undisturbed nature that it possesses, accepting the nothingness of the future.
        The very same world exists, the same people live, the same roads, trees stay even before the rain. But, the rain takes you closer to the enigma of these. Every latent truth of life, and the enigma of it is felt at that moment when the rain and you live together. And being a part of the ever-existing, inexplicable enigma of life and nature is enchanting, which is so unfit to be put down by mere language and ink. 

When the moment is completely felt, as itself, as it has never been felt before without water dripping leaves; without water droplets in magnetized love with the window bars of the town's buses; without dogs waiting at our car sheds and gates, gazing at the rain as it travels through their lives; without drenched children crossing wet roads.......

Life is now felt at this moment of the rain, at this moment when you get off your raincoats, at this moment when you abandon your umbrellas, the rain touches you making you a part of itself and becoming a part of what you are.


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